Essay on What Is Breast Cancer?

Essay on What Is Breast Cancer?

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What is breast cancer?
Breast Cancer, a very common type of cancer in women, is a disease; cancer cells are found in breast tissue in the malicious. Each breast consists of 15-20 segments, which can be divided into still smaller units. Thin tubes called ducts connect the glandular lobes and lobules. The most common breast cancer is ductal cancer. It is found in the cells of the milk ducts. Cancer emanating from the glands or glandular lobes is called lobular carcinoma. The lobular carcinoma is more often found in both breasts than other types of breast cancer. Inflammatory Breast Cancer is a rare type of breast cancer. In this disease, the breast is warm, red and swollen. (U.S. National Library of Medicine,2013)
Who is affected by breast cancer?
Breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed in United States. In 2015, one out of eight women will diagnosed with breast cancer. In general, that 12% of women in the United States have to expect in the course of their lives with breast cancer. According to American Cancer Society, around 231,840 new cases of invasive breast cancer develop in women in U.S along with 60,290 new cases of non-invasive from breast cancer. In 2015, there is about 40,290 women die form from breast cancer; the prognosis in breast cancer has steadily improved in recent years (American Cancer Society, 2015).
Men also diagnosed to beast cancer, the risk of men getting beast cancer is 100 times less common than women. According to American Cancer Society, about 2,350 new cases in men that diagnosed with breast cancer and about 440 will die in 2015.
The peak age of women with breast cancer is between 60 and 65 years. In the age group of women between 35 and 60 years, breast cancer is the leading cause of death. Wit...

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...tment follow-up.

During 2003-2012 mortality rates declined significantly for white women in each state, but for black women in only 27 of 30 states with sufficient data there from, to examine trends. In 3 states (Mississippi, Oklahoma and Wisconsin) mortality rates were stable.

Black women have the highest breast cancer mortality rate of any racial / ethnic group from. They are also more likely to be diagnosed in later stages, and have the lowest survival at every stage of diagnosis. Reasons include lack of regular screening and lack of access to timely, high-quality treatment and the higher proportion of aggressive, harder to treat tumors.
The distribution of breast cancer subtypes varies by race / ethnicity. Black women are more likely to be diagnosed with triple negative breast cancers an aggressive breast cancer subtype, which is associated with worse survival.

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