What Is Bariatric Surgery? Essay

What Is Bariatric Surgery? Essay

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What is bariatric surgery? Bariatric surgery is an effective solution for those have been struggling to lose their excessive weight. There are three main types for this surgery, gastric bypass, gastric sleeve, and gastric banding. According to Kids health educational website “Bariatric surgeries had its beginning in the 1960s when doctors first noticed that people with portions of their stomach or intestines removed due to cancer of ulcers tended to lose a lot of their weight after surgeries” (Gavin). These surgeries help and focus on reducing the amount of food that a person can consume. Gastric bypass is the most common and effective surgery for weight loss. Who should consider getting bariatric surgery? Candidates with body mass index that exceed 35-40 percent and they were diagnosed with type two diabetes should consider having a bariatric surgery. Bariatric surgery is also recommended for obese people suffer from high cholesterol. Bariatric surgery is ideal for motivated people whom seeking a better lifestyle. Additionally, weight loss surgeries are not excluded for adults only but also for children. Many people are objective about bariatric surgeries and they assume that whoever considers having it done is unwilling to diet correctly or unwilling to be physically active. However, not all obese people are lazy or have an uncontrollable appetite, but mostly medical conditions play the major roll in their lives. Because there are some diseases has an impressive effects on human bodies and can be a huge weight gaining factors such as hormonal and genetic diseases. For example, it is impossible for patients with polycystic ovarian syndrome to reduce their weight even when they diet and exercise. Sadly, today 2 out of every 5 wo...

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... confidence totally because of the excess loose skin and the stretch marks all over the body they destroy self-image and the feeling of attractiveness. I believe weight loss surgery is the best choice when it comes to restoring the self-confidence. Because it has guaranteed rapid results especially for those went through every way possible trying to lose their weight.
Bariatric surgery is the key to reach an exceptional medicine-free health, motivated lifestyle and a sky-high confidence. I recommend bariatric surgery to anyone has been struggling with obesity or being a victim of stigmatizing and stereotyping. Bariatric surgery means freedom and it starts by unleashing all the negative habits and to become fully determine to welcome a new lifestyle that completely differentiate from the old one. Also, to believe in ourselves that we can do anything and everything

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