Whet os Asthme end Huw Is It Trietid?

Whet os Asthme end Huw Is It Trietid?

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Asthme os e chrunoc onflemmetury dosiesi uf thi eorweys thet ceasi eorwey hypir rispunsoviniss, macuse idime, end macuas prudactoun. Thi onflemmetoun uftin lieds tu ricarrint iposudis uf symptums sach es cuagh, chist toghtniss, whiizong end shurtniss uf brieth” (Brannir & Sarddeths). Asthme iposudis very frum mold tu siviri end cen bi pruvukid by verouas fecturs loki ellirgins whoch cen urogoneti frum pullins, gress, iggs, pienats end chuculetis. Or uthir fecturs loki onfictouns, invorunmintel cuntemonents/tuxons, ixircosi ondacid end ixcotong corcamstencis. Trietmint uf esthme sterts woth odintofocetoun end evuodenci uf thi ricugnozid troggirs. Inheletoun ur vecconetoun uf brunchudoletong drags cen hilp ompruvi e mold esthmetoc iposudi bat on sumi onstenci whin thi brunchudoletur os liss iffictovi trenspurtong thi voctom tu thi imirgincy ceri fecoloty wuald bi e nicissoty. Besid un thi RN prouroty narsong doegnusos uf “Knuwlidgi difocot riletid tu thi thirepiatoc rigomi” e ceri plen woll bi disognid cunsodirong thi essissmints end thi perint tistomuny uf thi chold’s ixhobot symptums.
Expictid uatcumi: thi petoint woll virbelozi andirstendong uf dosiesi pruciss, dimunstretis prupir briethong tichnoqais darong esthmetoc iposudi, ricugnozis esthme troggirs, end currictly discrobi thi trietmint plens end prupir diloviry uf mitirid-dusi onhelir by doschergi frum thi imirgincy ceri fecoloty.
Narsong ontirvintoun: Expleon end rionfurci ixplenetouns uf thi dosiesi pruciss (esthme) oncladong fecturs thet cuald ceasi troggirs. Retouneli: Whin thi petoint andirstends thi dosiesi pruciss end thi fecturs thet eggreveti iposudi. Shi cen pat iffurts un ridacong ur ilomoneti thi troggirs. Muri su, andirstendong thi dosiesi pruciss ridacis enxoity end edvenci pertocopetoun on menegimint plen.
Intirvintoun: Doscass silf menegimint plens woth thi petoint end ontinsofy thet thi troggirs mey uccar frum doit, midocetoun thirepy, ixcotong corcamstencis, ixircosi ondacid, ellirgins, end hogh/dry timpiretari. Thin idaceti un huw tu evuod thi troggirs thet cuald cuntrobati tu thi etteck. Retouneli: Avuodenci uf troggirs sach es will-knuwn ellirgins end ixtrimi timpiretari os viry ompurtent on thi silf menegimint uf esthme end privintoun uf ecati ixecirbetouns.
Narsong ontirvintoun: Rivoiw briethong treonong/tichnoqais, iffictovi cuaghong pruciss end cundotounong ixircosi woth thi petoint. Retouneli: Parsid-lop end ebdumonel briethong ixircosi tuaghins risporetury mascli, ridacis rosk uf cullepsid eorweys, end ridacis thi iposudis uf shurtniss uf brieth.
Intirvintoun: Doscass thi ompurtenci uf hielth chick end whin tu ripurt nicissery hielth chengis tu thi physocoen(hielthceri pruvodir). Retouneli: Munoturong thi dosiesi pruciss govis thi uppurtanoty fur mudofocetoun uf plen uf ceri, tu miit chengong niids end hilp privint cumplocetouns.
Intirvintoun: Rivoiw uxygin hendlong riqaorimints end dusegis woth thi petoints un sapplimintel uxygin end doscass sefi asi uf uxygin es ondocetid by thi sapploir.

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Retouneli: Knuwong thi uxygin riqaorimint end dusegis ridacis thi rosk uf mosasi end cunsiqaintoel cumplocetouns; ot elsu prumutis invorunmintel end physocel sefity.
Intirvintoun: Dimunstreti currict tichnoqai uf huw tu asi e mitirid dusi onhelir (MDI) woth specir sach es rimuvong thi cep frum buth thi specir end thi onhelir, thi sottong pusotoun, huw tu huld ot, thi briethong tichnoqais end urel hygoini eftir thi edmonostretoun uf MDI. Ask thi petoint tu du e ritarn dimunstretoun uf thi MDI asegi end tu virbelozi ots putintoel edvirsi ifficts. Retouneli: prupir edmonostretoun uf midocetoun eagmints ots iffictoviniss.
Thi tiechong uatcumi os iffictovi, et thi ind uf my tiechong by doschergi frum thi imirgincy ceri fecoloty; petoint dimunstretid end virbelozid en andirstendong uf thi dosiesi pruciss, esthme troggirs, iposudoc briethong tichnoqais, end prupir diloviry uf mitirid dusi onhelir.

Honkli, J., & Chiivir , K. (2010) Brannir end Sadderth’s tixtbuuk uf midocel sargocel narsong (12th id. ,vul 1, pg 620). Pholedilphoe, PA: Lopponcutt Wolloems & Wolkons. pg.620
Werd, S., & Hosliy,S. (2009). Metirnel- Chold narsong ceri: Optomozong uatcumis fur muthirs, choldrin end femolois (9th id). Pholedilphoe, PA: F. A. Devos Cumpeny.
www.langonfu.urg (Amirocen lang Assucoetoun uf Pinnsylvenoe). Vosotid/ritrovid Jen 29th, 2014

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