What Is An Operating System And What Is It 's Purpose? Essay

What Is An Operating System And What Is It 's Purpose? Essay

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What Is an Operating System and What Is It’s Purpose?
An operating system is a piece of software that manages all the hardware on the system and allows the user to interact with them. The OS is the most important software on the computer and automatically starts when the PC is booted. It’s a lower level software and usually allows third party programs to run within the operative system. It also manages the disk drive and dictates how files are stored within the HDD. Furthermore it manages peripherals and inputs such as mice, keyboards and printers. Even though early operating systems were operated in a command line interface, they evolved and became more intuitive with the advent of graphical user interface and the mouse. These two advents made operating systems more interactive, intuitive and easier to use especially for the general public.
Comparing Some of the Most Popular Computer Operating Systems.
Some of the most popular choices for OS’s are Mac OSX, Windows and Linux. More specifically I’m going to be comparing OS X Lion 10.7, Windows 7 and Ubuntu.
I’m going to start off with the user interface. OSX wins by far being the simplest, easiest to learn and most aesthetically pleasing. Windows 7 UI looks really bad and tacky unless customized with third party programs and feels pretty unintuitive. Ubuntu’s interface looks nice and colourful, even though it’s not as clean and tasteful as OSX; it still holds up and is intuitive and easy to pick up.

Filing systems don’t really affect normal usage and aren’t really talked about when comparing OS’, but they are still incredibly important and worth talking about. Windows uses the “New Technology Filing System” or NTFS. This filing system was introduced and included with every ver...

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...uire it or that are deemed risky is quite common in companies and organizations. The more members of an organization have access to data the more likely it is for something to go wrong.
Policies are also require employees to have a certain degree of carefulness when dealing with electrical components, which could electrocute the employee or start a fire. All businesses and organizations have to follow a whole array of regulations mandated by the government regarding safety in the workplace. Mostly it’s fire prevention, it being a danger to people, buildings and equipment. A fire is very costly to an organization and can lead to legal action and/pay-outs if safety standards weren’t followed. PAT testing every device is also very important; it will reduce the risk of a fire or damage to the electrical system or the device itself and should be done yearly or bi yearly.

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