What is an E-Portafolio? Essay

What is an E-Portafolio? Essay

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Our technological advancements of the world today have had a tremendous impact on our lives. Cell phones have been made smaller, flatter, and faster than the ones we’ve grown accustomed to a few years back. Even the computers that our older generations are familiar with are becoming more and more modernized. The fact of the matter is that technology has changed vastly, making our everyday lives a little easier. As students, parents, teachers, and business men and women, we rely on our current technological expansions to help complete our daily jobs.
One of our most recent accomplishments dealing with modernizing our technology is the E-Portfolio, short for electronic portfolio. People who are unfamiliar with them may ask ‘What exactly is an E-Portfolio?’ Well, one may find that there are several definitions of what an E-Portfolio is. I define an E-Portfolio as an internet or web based information organization and management system which accumulates all professional work that is stored in an electronic folder. This allows an E-Portfolio user to re-access or reflect on any files that have been saved at any time.
It may seem that E-Portfolios are not used as often as they once were. Some people think that they have disappeared, or are not available for use anymore. That is not true. It is often thought that the hype over E-Portfolios have died down because they are not quite the topic of discussion like they were a few years ago, or when they were first discovered. This is because most people are still very much unaware of what E-Portfolios are and what they are used for.
E-Portfolios have become a necessity and a very important thing to have when it comes to dealing with computer files. Not only are they easily accessible, but th...

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... easy access to their child’s work for as long as the E-Portfolio is accessible. (Barnstable)
In conclusion, E-Portfolios are very useful. They help record an individual’s academic or occupational growth over a certain amount of time, they are creative, and they are useful in any setting. I personally have not had the chance to use an E-Portfolio, but I plan to soon. While doing my research on E-Portfolio’s, I’ve learned so much. E-Portfolio’s are convenient when it comes to displaying and showing off personal academic and business related achievements. They can say a lot about a person just by what it shown in the E-Portfolio. I am excited to start my E-Portfolio journey and watch myself progress throughout the years. It is important to be able to reflect on past completed assignments. Hard work is never a bad thing; E-Portfolios just make it easier to show off.

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