Essay What is a Wiki and How Can It Be Useful for an Organization?

Essay What is a Wiki and How Can It Be Useful for an Organization?

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What is a wiki and how can be useful for an organization?
Wiki is an editable, easy running program, that can be navigated by the least computer challenged individuals and contain massive amounts of information. Ward Cunningham stated, “The simplest online database that could possibly work.” Ward Cunningham is known as the father of Wiki. In 1995 he and Bo Leuf designed WikiWikiWeb, the first wiki, to be an open, collaborative community Website where anyone can contribute. This philosophy has proven true as there are many wiki’s to this day on the web. Wiki can be described as interlinked web pages that are freely expandable using a hypertext system. This system is modifying and storing information. Conveniently each page is editable by the user. Web sites have become destinations for communities of users to create and share rich and complex data, such as music, images, and video, and to discuss and rate that content. This phenomenon was dubbed "Web 2.0" in a seminal discussion paper by Tim O'Reilly in September 2005, and it continues expanding today. (Platt, 2007)
Each page is editable by just clicking the edit button and entering in the data or changes. Upon completion you hit submit and it immediately shows up on the page with what the user has entered. Wikis use simple markup rules for the page. HTML formats can be a challenge and wiki takes the challenge away by writing the HTML for you provide you understand the few rules involved. Not having to know these scripting languages allow easier access by the user instead of a computer trained user.
Wiki also has a history so if you have an issue and need to refer back you can. Some even display the different versions so you can see specifically the changes. This is ideal becau...

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... for all their needs increases productivity, minimizes training costs, and encourages deeper adoption and usage including access to information and applications. THe applications or information can be accessed mobile or laptop, connected or disconnected, even if they are using a thin client or a smart client. (Platt, 2007) This is crucial for the new age for businesses. Allowing non program specific individuals to set up a network that can work for them mainly because the knowledge needed to write code is not needed. You can navigate through the set up process easily and make your wiki simple and user friendly. Michael Platt states, “While most of the interest today is in the knowledge capture and reuse, there are still significant cultural and social issues to the successful implementation of these systems which are not solved by Web 2.0 techniques.” (Platt, 2007)

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