Essay about What is a Hearing Aid?

Essay about What is a Hearing Aid?

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Hearing aids

What is a hearing aid?
A hearing aid is a small electronic device that is to be worn in or behind your ear depending were the damage has been made. It is a huge problem that people have hearing loss without hearing loss you are disadvantaged in most ways of life but with the hearing aid this problem is over They are made to aid a persons hearing by making the sound louder so they can listen, communicate and participate in daily activates. The hearing aid can be used in both noisy and quite situations. A hearing aid can be modified to help different cases of hearing loss. A hearing aid is made up of four main parts:

Microphone: The microphone picks up sound waves and converts them into electrical energy. It then delivers it to the amplifier.

Amplifier: The amplifier is used to increase the amount of electrical energy, which transfers that amplified energy to the speaker.

Speaker: The speaker uses the amplified energy to produce an increased sound so that the person that is hearing impaired can hear.

Battery: The battery supplies the power to the hearing aid it varies in size, has a positive and negative side and the normal life for one of the batteries is 1-4 weeks.
(Beltone , 2014)

How the human hear works
The human ear consisted of three different parts, the inner ear the middle ear and, the outer ear, each different part of the ear contributes a specific reason in the process of detecting and interpreting sound waves. The outer ears are used to collet and channel and collect the sound waves to divert them to the middle ears. The middle ear is used to transform the sound waves energy into internal vibrations of the structure of bones on the middle ears; it ultimately converts these vibrations into the form of...

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Loss of hearing has been a problem for hundreds of year but due to the invention of the hearing aid it has made life of the hearing impair a lot easier to interact with people whom are not hearing impaired. Although the hearing aid is very expensive the research and the creating of the actual product is aiding people with this disability and making them smaller is so they are harder to see and don’t embarrass the users of the hearing aid. I believe that the hearing aid is a very successful but of technology and it has eliminated the problem of hearing loss almost completely because everyone who wears one can hear pretty much perfectly but the fact is that no everyone can afford a hearing aid. If sciences look into the hearing aid more they could make a hearing aid completely internal so one that is built in to the persons ear.

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