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What Interventions Within The Agency Essay

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stressful situations. During this time, I was still trying to figure out what interventions within the agency and outside the agency the client could participate in. I knew for example, that she has a history of substance abuse, but I was not sure if the agency provided services for it. I confirmed that the agency does not provide outpatient services, but I was able to link her to one that would serve as an external source in which she can benefit from.
My strengths have been providing Michelle with good active listening skills and tuning it to how she feels. I made sure to use the person-centered therapy and facilitative conditions such as empathy, positive regard, and congruence when meeting with Michelle. My restrictions for this case have been the understanding all the services available at the agency and what services we can help the client access. I felt there was an overwhelming amount of services that are available that it was hard for me to remember them or consider them during the process. I made sure to communicate to my supervisors when I needed more assistance, especially in the beginning stages of my meetings with my client.
Case Theories
The Recovery Model is an evidence-based model and is the official model TCORE uses when working with clients. I used this model to guide me in the process of working with Michelle. The model 's main goal is to improve the client’s health, home stability, and relationships in the community while encouraging them to find a purpose. Using Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs, I could tell that Michelle was in the middle of the pyramid at Love/belonging stage. She has food and they basic physiological needs and she has safety as she is living with her parents. What she is in need of is love an...

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...cation has been helping or whether she has been having more issues. She will also continue to meet with the psychiatrist to address symptoms of anxiety. Michelle will continue to communicate her needs in order to gain more of a peer support system. She will work on social skills in order to build healthy relationships with peers and continue to attempt to meet her goals. I believe the selection of interventions will serve the basis of her symptomatic needs of her anxiety. One of the reasons why she resorts to drugs is because she finds them to relax her. If she uses these interventions along with the coping skills she will learn, she will be able to control her anxiety and not resort to drugs.
The client has used the interventions by communicating with her doctor that her medication was not helping her anxiety but making it worse. The doctors notified the staff that

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