What Important Instructional Improvement Goals Did I Complete As Part Of My Internship?

What Important Instructional Improvement Goals Did I Complete As Part Of My Internship?

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Dialogue Questions defined in Cunningham pages 127 – 128.
Please copy each question and provide an answer below to the questions listed below.
You might ask yourself:
1. What important instructional improvement goals did I complete as part of my internship?
As part of my internship, I evaluated numerous aspects of my school’s Collaborative Support & Intervention program and worked towards improvement goals related to developing clear entrance criteria for CSI, as well as reforming the ways in which students receive basic skills support. Instructionally, instead of all CSI students being taught together in the same class (resulting in large class sizes with a wide range of ability levels), I developed a tier system to categorize CSI students into different tiers that altered the type of support received based on each category. Some students would now receive small group instruction with students of similar ability levels, while others remained in the general education classroom but received push-in collaborative support from a CSI specialist, and others remained in general education with teachers working towards differentiating their instruction to meet the needs of these students. The instruction that all CSI students receive as a result of my efforts is now more specialized for their individual needs, and teachers can focus on supporting students and getting better results due to smaller classes with students of similar ability levels.

What was my level of success in these efforts?
Although it will take time to evaluate the success of my efforts, the immediate response has been very positive. Students seem to be making faster progress, and we are assisting more students with the most support time possible with the use o...

... middle of paper ...

...rtially due to the pressure to maintain a rigorous pace and cover a large amount of curriculum in their classes, and partially due to being inexperienced with differentiating their instruction. At times, students seemed to be recommended for CSI at the first sign of struggling. A more positive impact would have been achieved if the instructional aspects of general education teachers were addressed more throughout the overall process.
10 How does this experience promote growth?
Due to the selection of a student learning problem outside of my subject area, I grew in numerous ways. I learned about how special education services function in a school district, the legalities involved, scheduling, collaboration, working with all stakeholders, utilizing assessment data, and how to use the ISLLC Standards as a framework for solving problems from a leadership perspective.

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