What Impact Has the Commercializaiton of English Football Clubs Had on Their Own Corporate Responsibility Policies

What Impact Has the Commercializaiton of English Football Clubs Had on Their Own Corporate Responsibility Policies

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What impact has the commercialisation of English Football clubs had on their own Corporate Social Responsibility policies?

CSR is a subject which is nowadays widely discussed, alongside its relevance within the sports entertainment industry. The aim of this paper is to investigate the implementation of CSR within English football and how during this time it has impacted the brand image of English football clubs.
There has been growing evidence to suggest that a successful CSR strategy can add real benefits to the wider business strategies of sports organisations and is one that is being taken increasingly seriously by leading stakeholders in European football (Hamil et al; 2010)
Football clubs are in a unique position of being able to deliver widespread CSR benefits, but they also need to build a relationship with neighbouring communities due to their need for planning permission or perhaps the implementation of a rebrand, which in the recent cases of Cardiff City’s shirt colour change and Hull City’s name rebrand saw great opposition to the ideas of its owners and consequently damaged the image and reputation of the football clubs in question.
There is also the issue of corruption at the highest levels of the game and the often much publicised racist/swearing/cheating footballers which suggests that football clubs need to consider their approach to CSR policy.
The aim of this paper is investigate how football clubs could improve their CSR practices and strategies.
Reseach Objectives
1 – To understand the motivation of football clubs and their owners for implementing CSR policies
2 – To describe the CSR programmes of the clubs and future scope.
3 – To measure the successes (and failures) of implemented CSR progra...

... middle of paper ...

...ructure of the questionnaire will go to great lengths in an effort to not in any way lead the interviewee down a specific path that could be deemed as leading or manipulative, as again this would taint the information acquired.
With these procedures in place it is hoped that information will be always gathered in with ethically minded environment, with any concerns of those taking part being addressed promptly.


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