What I Work With My Work And My Teammates Alike Essay

What I Work With My Work And My Teammates Alike Essay

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People in my family said that if I’m not home, on that day the house is going to be so quiet and same as in my work place. I work at the restaurant and really like to entertain people in the kitchen so, they like when I go to the back house for a while when my break time, tell me some joke and we all laughing at the back. When I talked to my co-worker and asked her about myself in the work place, I was happy that she said that I was outgoing and very conversational to the guests as well as my other teammates. I do believe that my style of behavior shows in my work as I care about my work and my teammates alike.
At work place, this is where people need to understand others people on they personality behavioral style. People that I work with impact me in many ways that I work especially on my emotional. When I work I always concentrate on what I’m I doing, I don’t want to make something wrong so, my boss will get upset me and my co-worker. When people work together as a team they all should responsible to make their work success. For example, I don’t like when costumer complained and give me a bad review of my work place. So, I worked hard and take good care of them, but some of my co-worker didn’t care and give the costumer not good service so, that table end up gave us less tip and everyone in the restaurant needed to share the tip. That’s story still make me upset because it not fair for the people that work hard.
As in my work place, my boss always stay there and look on how employee in the restaurant work. She try to correct everything even the small thing that I think it’s okay to let it go, but she want everything perfect so, I think her type is compliance. She really care about accuracy and quality on how people in the re...

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...avioral style make me understand myself and think how to can I work with other people, how can I work in the company and what is really important when I work with others. As I start work as the employees, I think like employees, but this research help me to developing my behavioral style to work with people as the supervisor, manager or leader. Everyone needs to start from the bottom to the top, everyone make mistake, and everyone need to pain before they gain. If some people said they never make mistake it mean they’ve never done anything. This is good challenge that not only me will see myself, but also I can ask people to see how am I doing when I work with them as a team. Every comments make me see my weakness and strength that I should listen and bring that comment to improve myself to be a better person. So, I can work with other people without any problems.

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