What I Work For A Clothing Line Essay

What I Work For A Clothing Line Essay

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Some will say that a picture tells a story of a thousand words. The explanation is in itself, the moment captured in time. Miscommunication is limited, and a true story is told.
The world of social media is full of storytellers, but no site allows one to do it better than that of Instagram. The application’s layout and design allows users to interact efficiently, while content is continually streamed to them. There is a “explore” page that will guide the user to pages similar to that of the one’s they choose to follow, making this site more interconnected than the others.
This interconnectedness makes Instagram an incredible marketing platform for businesses. No matter the product or business, using the site’s data and information offers the ability to target the consumer at a rate and effectiveness unlike the world has seen. For this assignment, assuming I work for a clothing line, I will explain my duty of promoting our products on Instagram and the tactics I used to do so. There are three specifics I will focus on for targeting our market, starting with merchandise; let’s take a look.
When using Instagram as a marketing platform, the most important content to focus on is the product. Whether it is by picture or video, the content you want to get into the consumer’s eyes should often be what they will be buying. So how would I go about doing so?
The first tactic would be to have models on call, or use prior shoots, to simply wear the clothes offered on our website. When the consumer can see the clothes on others, consistently, than they will be more tempted to buy. The key to success is realizing that no one likes to be sold, but everyone likes to buy. On our page, we would not force a purchase on anyon...

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...ent is tenfold more traceable than they once were.
Whether it is the notoriety potential or the free platform aspect, Instagram is an application that has forever changed the world of marketing. The information is simply brought to the business by the consumer. No longer do businesses have to go on a limb in an attempt to possibly reach a fraction of their market. Now, using the data available, one can market a product only to the market that is sought after.
In conclusion, I feel the tactics used for this clothing line would be effective in a real world situation. And, there are many more that could be of use. The site is ever evolving, and businesses globally are forming to that evolution. As Instagram grows older in age, I am anxious to see such evolution unfold; and know that I will be on the look for any new effective tactics as they are created.

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