Essay on What I Want in a Boyfriend

Essay on What I Want in a Boyfriend

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I would like to believe that I am most accurately described as a nurturing, compassionate, and loving boyfriend. All too often my ears pick up on the conversations of people declaring that I am all of these qualities and many more, no conceit intended.
Ironically, a recent relationship of mine ended after six months of problem after problem. I believe that the expectations for me, as they are for all guys in a relationship, were unreasonable and slightly unfair. While there was not clear reason for breaking up, I was given many frugal and contradicting reasons. With such strenuous demands for the guy in the relationship, I wonder why I wouldn’t want a boyfriend like me. So, I declare at this very moment in time that I want a boyfriend. But, why do I want a boyfriend?
I have many needs that need to be catered to and it would simply be insane if I had to cater to my own needs every once in a while. I really can not fathom doing things on my own, even if it only benefits me as in most cases it does. I want a boyfriend that waits on me hand and foot. And while I recognize that more t...

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