Essay about What I Want For My Future

Essay about What I Want For My Future

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We all know what it 's like to sit inside four plain walls, 5 days a week, 200 days a year for 13 years. As these years are about to end for me I have started to realise that school has not only taught me my 1,2,3s and my A,B,C’s, it has made me in to the man I am today.
After attending Hastings Boy’s High School the past 5 & half years, I have learnt many things, about myself as a person, I have acquired life skills, and a clearer idea of what I want for my future.
I am a keen sportsman. I play many sports, Indoor netball, football, surf lifesaving, surfing and canoe polo. With hard work and determination I have gained many rep honours, I have represented, Hawkes Bay Age group football, Hawkes Bay in surf lifesaving and U21 New Zealand canoe polo and the men 's eastern canoe polo team this year. I am also hoping to make the u21 New Zealand canoe polo team next year that travels to the world championships in Italy. Without having the opportunity that was given to me by Nicole hind a teacher at Parkvale primary who was the inspiration behind my polo career I would not have discovered my passion nor developed the skills for canoe polo? As a member of these teams I have received the opportunity to travel to different parts of New Zealand this year also I Travelled to Australia to compete in the Ocean championships where we took out gold. That teacher remains a very good family friend and she still watches me play polo to this day.

As well as being a keen sportsman. I have a passion for coaching. Giving kids the opportunities that was given to me at their ages gives me enormous satisfaction. I have coached at many different age levels from kids 6-16 all the way to men aged 40 with having such a range in ages this has given me the c...

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...believe with my skill set, ambition and aspiration i can help people succeed I could be a promising teacher I can build relationships and communicate with all types of people from different backgrounds, from young to old. I enjoy meeting new people. I am friendly, and easily approached. With these attributes I believe I have what it takes to become a successful primary school teacher.
I want kids to have what I have been given in life and to succeed.

Over the years i have done many things, stupid and smart. I have learnt no one is perfect not you nor me. Without school I would be as Mr Humugus says “staking bananas at Pak’n’Scab.”
I am excited to see what the future has in store & and can 't wait to explore.
Thank you for your time.
I would just like to end with a quote
“Behind every successful man there is a lot of unsuccessful years”

Written By
Andrew Bowden

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