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What I Think About The Sign Essay

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Whether trying to follow directions on the road or attempting to read the fine print on label or form, my mother will sometimes ask me to tell her what something says if she either can’t read it, having forgotten her glasses, or is simply too focused on something to do it herself. When asked, I will look at whatever it is and relay the information back to her. In some cases, such as with a sign in the distance, I realize, after relaying the information, that I was incorrect: what I had confidently read on the sign was not actually what the sign said. These situations make me wonder how much of what I perceive in the world is valid and how much is simply my brain filling in for gaps or fabricating parts of my perception to make something make sense. This interests me because not only could all my perceptions and connection to the world be false but also that a lot of what is known to be factual and scientific evidence is based on sense perception. As this topic is the potential basis for a vast amount of tangents I will focus on sense perception, reason and imagination as my ways of knowing. In relation to the topic of trusting our fallible sense perceptions, I define fallible as having a percentage of uncertainty and margin of error. I define sense perceptions as a personal method of gaining knowledge from the world using the basic five senses. My thesis statement, in response to the topic, is that our sense perceptions are crucial to our wellbeing and so we should trust them, while maintaining an understanding for their fallibility, until evidence arises showing that there is a problem in relying on a specific sense in a particular situation. In stating this, the question to address is why should we not rely on what is highly pro...

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...problematically wrong. Sense perception is the way humans relate to each other, form relationships and find joy in the world- without them we would live in a dark, silent, non-tactile world. Understanding the difference between sensual illusion and, what is accepted as, reality is the key to knowing when to trust our senses. It is also the boundary between simple disagreement between whether the coat is blue or purple and a mental illness such as schizophrenia where the patient believes auditory, visual or tactile hallucinations are reality and can become dangerous when acting upon them. Whether to trust our perception of senses is based on human instinct, reason and personal knowledge because in reality there is no conceivable answer to the question if our senses are inherently false and the general construction of Earth we have come to except is completely invalid.

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