What I Think About The 12 Quick Tips Essay

What I Think About The 12 Quick Tips Essay

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The majority of people who enter college already knows what they wanna do and have set their goals and dreams already. Although, most of them have a hard time when entering college because of how different it is than high school. And that 's what I 'm facing in college at the moment, college is different than high school since you have more responsibilities. I also have my goals and dreams and I will make them come true but in order to do so, I will have to work hard to reach it, and with the tremendous help of CPD 150, I believe I will do it. I will be talking about how I think that the 12 quick tips were certainly are helpful for me, and the other test weren’t much of a help.

First of all, I started with taking the self-assessment test which is a test where I answer questions regarding my actions and behaviors, afterwards it gives me 8 statements and then explain my strengths and weakness. Its great way that will help to success since I’m a student but I know what’s my weaknesses and I’m already working on them, making my weaknesses a part of my strengths. For example, my ability...

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