What I Think About Culture Essay

What I Think About Culture Essay

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When we think about culture everyone has their own definition of what it means and what it should be like, depending on their background and where they came from. This will be a short description of what I think culture means, along with other information’s such as, which cultures I belong to and how they have influenced me. one person can belong to a lot of different cultures based on he/she’s race, ethnicity, music taste…etc., I have selected two of the major cultures that I belong to and tried to describe how they have influenced me along with other information’s about those cultures.
Personally, I would define culture as a makeup of different groups that someone can relate to which in the end will form that person’s identity. Being born and raised in Ethiopia I can easily relate to Ethiopian culture, I can say in complete confidence that this is the culture that has had the most impact on my life. It has influenced me to be polite and to fight for what I believe in. It has made me polite, because it is the Ethiopian culture to be extremely polite to other people as well as guests...

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