What I Really Don 't Do You Feel Like People Are Judging You Every Time?

What I Really Don 't Do You Feel Like People Are Judging You Every Time?

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Do you feel like people are judging you every time? Well a person who has been judged numerous times is Safwat Saleem he has been picked on countless times about his accent, he has a Pakistani accent. Saleem had believed that you should be yourself and that to not let people dictate who you are as a person. I personally agree with Saleem analysis because you should always be yourself in any situation you are in and you shouldn’t let people get in your way of bring you down for the way you act or look. I personally can relate to this because I wear cool flashy socks every single day, I’ve been wearing these types of socks for 4 years and I honestly like how the look. That being said I really don’t care what other people think about my socks because as long as I feel good then my day is good. Saleem had explained three issues about how you should be yourself and not let people dictate who you are, first he talked about receiving bad YouTube comments from a video he made, next Saleem explained how color varied in the ancient Greeks, and last he explained that’s its ok to be normal. I will now discuss how Saleem’s YouTube comments affected his personal life.
Saleem had received bad YouTube comments after he had posted a video online that had some people happy and some people upset. Saleem had said “I’ve stuttered for as long as I can remember.” The people were annoyed by his accent, which made him feel bad about himself. Saleem didn’t care about what the people had said, so instead he continued to work on part 2 of the video, but he couldn’t. Saleem had explained that every time he would sit down and edit, he would think back on his childhood when he would have a hard ti...

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...as a person not for how you act.
Overall being normal is a good thing, if you can overcome people’s opinions towards you then you should be fine. As long as you can understand Saleem’s bad YouTube comments towards him, how color is important in the Ancient Greeks and how it’s ok to be normal. Saleem had mentioned that it’s ok to be normal, and I still agree with this today, because like I had mentioned before I have my own style of how I wear my socks. I could personally change my color of socks to normal, for example black, grey, white. But I’m not going to do that because that’s not me and you should always be yourself. Just like what Saleem had said “And so we must continuously challenge our notion of normal, because doing so is going to allow us as a society to finally see the sky for what it is.”

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