Essay on What I Learned While Preparing to Play My Violin for La Boheme

Essay on What I Learned While Preparing to Play My Violin for La Boheme

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I played a total time of eight hours and 30 minutes on my violin. In my practice time I was able to practice La Boheme orchestra Act Four and get it ready for orchestra practice. I did this by focusing in on the challenging rhythm and speed sections. One section that was extremely hard for me was the runs going up or down. This was because there are many key signatures. A huge important counting thing I learned was to imagine a little movie screen dial going around the circle counting up while waiting for long rests. Besides opera music, I also prepared for my upcoming violin book four graduation recital. The pieces that I focused on this week were Concerto in A Minor 1st and 3rd movement by A. Vivaldi. The 1st movement, in my opinion, is bold, forward, and in a way, trying to make a statement. For this piece, I try to give off a ringing feeling by using lots of vibrato. Since this was the piece I played for both the Ridgecrest and Regionals Exchange Club, this piece is finalized and I only practiced it to refresh my memory. The 3rd movement is more playful and bouncy even though the notes are very similar to the 1st movement. This piece is currently in the process of being memorized. My main trouble spot is on page two where the music turns into sixteenth notes, slurs, shifts, and many string crossings for 16 measures. Instead of trying to memorize this part, I slowed the speed down to get intonation and bowings. I then sped up the tempo untill I reached the fasted I could play with no mistakes. I also played the three octave Bb (B flat) minor scale and arpeggios. During my violin lessons, I practiced my pieces with a piano accompaniment at the High Desert Haven. During my private lesson, we worked on La Boheme orchestra ...

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...ngs are being reveled, Mimi and Rodolfo decide to stay together in poverty until spring while Marcello and Musetta part screaming insults at each other. Act Four is a roller coaster of emotions when the boys fantasy about being at a fancy ball and somehow turn it into a mock duel. They are stopped in their tracks when Musetta bursts in telling them that Mimi is too sick to come in. Once her friends help her inside, she says goodbye to her friends while Musetta asks Marcello to sell her own earrings to pay for medicine. Colline says goodbye to his beloved coat in memories and in the farewell of Mimi. Rodolfo and Mimi recall their happy memories and the first time they met. As Mimi drifts off into unconsciousness, the others have returned and have let go. When Rodolfo at last figures out that she died, he calls her name and throws himself at her body in deep despair.

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