Essay about What I Learned When We Have Business With Other Culture 's People

Essay about What I Learned When We Have Business With Other Culture 's People

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After reading this book I learned that when we have business with other culture’s people we have to be very careful and also we have to do our “homework.” And to be open-minded person who can see one thing from many kinds of perspectives and be aware about the worst case situation.

For example, translation mistakes and names of the names are very easy to avoid. You just have to be extra careful about the translation and have to prepare for people who can translate and can also check for the people. For example, if you are planning to do business with Japan. You should be ready to have Japanese person who are fluent in English and English speaker who is also fluent in Japanese. So that they can make sure the translation will be done correctly and can check them from two different perspectives.

After reading this book I realized how important for the companies when they are in area of international business to learn about the culture before you make any business with them. After reading this book I think most of the things could have been prevented if they did their “homework.” At...

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