What I Learned From The World Around Me Essay

What I Learned From The World Around Me Essay

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Below is a summery of events that took place during my childhood. I will be focusing on two different living situations that contributed to in my emotional, intellectual, and cognitive development. Form my own viewpoint I will explain how my development was impacted by those situations using two different psychological theories. First, I will use the sociocultural perspective to show how my environment influenced my behavior. Then through the cognitive perspective I will explain how I gained an understanding of right and wrong according to what I learned from the world around me.
To start, my mother Kristie became pregnant me when she was twenty, and shortly after I was conceived my biological father announced that he did not want to be a parent. Several months after I was born my mother met a man named David, and the following year they were married. After a year of marriage my mother gave birth to my half-brother David Lee, and a year ofter that she gave birth to my half-brother Cody.
Both my mother and David would drink excessively which caused abusive arguing and then lead to fiscal violence. Often times I would yell at them to stop, other times I would become extremely nervous and get sick. After five years of marriage they got a divorced, but sadly enough my brothers and I were split up in the process. My brothers stayed with their father, because he was able to prove that my mother was unqualified to take care of them. I was however able to stay with my mother because David was not my biological father. To me, it felt as though I would never see my brothers again. I became very depressed, and sometimes my sadness would turn into anger towards my mother.
That specific time in my life is best explained by applying the soc...

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...to overcome, especially in children. Many of my darkest childhood memories are triggered by the interactions I have with people who have similar upbringings as myself. It is my autobiographical memory at work, or the memory of my life and the specific events that took place. On a good note, those that I have meet who have similar backgrounds have become very good friends of mine. I know that being conditioned to negative responses at a young age can be hard to reverse. Personally, I feel privileged to have the realization and understanding that not all people have the same cognitive thought process. What I mean is that some people cannot be held fully responsible for their behavior, when their behavior was shaped by their childhood environment. I do believe that it is through patients and understanding that people can be reborn from their violent and scary pasts.

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