What I Learned About What You Know About Myself That I Am A Learner? Essay

What I Learned About What You Know About Myself That I Am A Learner? Essay

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After trying the different techniques of prewriting, I found two that I use daily and two others that I hardly ever use. I have learned that I could to use these two styles more, instead of totally pushing them aside. These tests and strategies have helped me learn things about myself that I never knew. By taking the self-quiz along with trying the different styles of pre-writing, I have found that I am a haptic learner, I use the questioning and listing pre-writing styles most, and do not like mapping or brainstorming.
Through taking the learning styles self-quiz, I learned that I am a haptic learner. By being a haptic learn, I learn best through hands-on demonstrations. I remember information better when I take notes. These notes are organized in my own way where only I can understand them. I try to go back and reread my notes but most of the time get distracted and do not finish them. If I am listening to a lecture I have to be doing something with my hands. This being said, I never doodle. I keep a hairbow on my wrist and fidget with it most of the time. When sitting in my high ...

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