What I Learned About Reading And Writing Essay

What I Learned About Reading And Writing Essay

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As soon as I began to think about reading and writing, I immediately start to recall my weakness in this field. I am originally from Egypt, and I came to the U.S. when I was five years old. The hardest part became the adapting to people around you language wise. Even though I was only five it was hard for me to learn how to read and write in English due to the fact that I was also still learning how to speak and write Arabic.
Not being born here in the U.S. became very different due to the fact that I had to learn two languages, as well as become fluent in that both of them. Having to learn two languages at the same time was a very un-fun task, because in my case I would speak Arabic at home, then English at school. When I first came to America I knew no English language at all, so it became very hard for me to communicate with others, more importantly, ask my teachers if I could use the restroom or other important questions about what’s going on in class. I struggled with my English language when I was young, and I still do now, however not as much as when I was young. Even though I struggle with English I attempt to take the extra step to try to improve my issues so that I am not being illiterate.
Words and I tend not to mix every well, plus I get confused with words a lot. For example, I still do not know which you 're or you’re to use in a sentence or which effect or affect is right for the way I am using it in another sentence. I can never seem to let my confusion get the best of me, because then I would not care anymore about what it is I am trying to read or write. The reason why words and me don’t mix is because I just jumble words up together because I would think that it sounds good in my head or not give it any though...

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...e paper, and I know I will struggle with it because I am not perfect at writing papers, however I try my best to get help from any resources that are available for me to use. I know for sure that I will learn a lot from college English classes due to the fact that teachers are here to help you, not as in high school, and that was where I struggled the most with my English.
Even though I have all these difficulties I still try my best so that I can understand better and not be, or feel, lost when I am talking to someone or writing a paper. The struggles that I have encountered in the past make me the man I am today. If not for those struggles, I would have become a failure in life and would not have a bright future ahead of me. I am doing my best to pay attention in English so that I do not have further difficulties and problems as I try to continue a bright future.

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