What I Learned A Lot About Myself Essay

What I Learned A Lot About Myself Essay

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I learned a lot about myself during the two weeks of logging my daytime activities.
As I logged each activity, I marked the level of stress I was experiencing at that time. Something I found interesting, as I reviewed my logs, was that I felt the level of stress on some of the activities should have been lower than I initially imputed. For example, every Wednesday, I usually spend the morning babysitting my nephew for 7 hours while my sister goes to school. During that time, my mom was having problems with her car so she needed a ride to work. I personally don’t like taking my nephew on trips because of the responsibility I have if I get in a car accident, so I didn’t know what to do. Initially, I was hesitant to take my mom to work but I knew it was important for her to go so I made the decision to do so, so I took the risk. Looking back and assessing the situation, I would say that I felt like the situation was of high level stress at that time but in reality, I might have been overreacting and did not really need to feel that level of stress.
The second thing I found surprising...

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