What I Do You Ever Feel Like You Do Not Fit Into Society? Essay

What I Do You Ever Feel Like You Do Not Fit Into Society? Essay

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Do you ever feel like you are different or like you do not fit into society? I have never felt like I was normal. I have always been different and will always be. Maybe this is because I have crutches and I cannot walk like other people or because I have dealt with experiences that have made me grow up faster than the typical college student. I could go all day talking about rite of passages that are considered normal, but I am not normal and never will be. So, why should I try to be normal? I could talk about: graduating from high school, attending a funeral, being bullied, driving for the first time by myself, my first love, going to college, or turning eighteen and embarking on adulthood but, those are just normal things. And the normal things I have experienced have not made me who I am today.
I grew up in church, but, it was not until I really felt the presence of God that I made the commitment to follow Christ. The commitment to follow the Lord changed my life. Making the decision was a turning point in my life. Matthew 16:24 says, “Then Jesus told his disciples, “If anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me.”” The story of my life is not mine. My life is not my own. There is no way I could have made it through my life thus far without the strength and the love of the Lord. The ultimate and most beautiful transformation comes with just one decision and a daily sacrifice. The decision to follow the Lord was the best decision I have ever made. Being a true Christian is hard but, it is the most rewarding commitment you can ever make within your time on Earth. The transformation of my life can never be put into words.
I used to be a hopeless romantic. Maybe it was due to all of the fa...

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...me that you cannot rewind time; you can just change your future.
As a child, I would have never imagined I would be who or where I am today. Ecclesiastes 3:1 states, “To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven.” Everything I have and will experience on Earth has a purpose. I may not understand what the purpose is when it is happening but, I know I will come out of it stronger. I thank God for my life and that through everything I have been through, he has never forsaken me. God has been by my side every step of this journey people call life. I am so thankful for every experience I have had throughout my life, the good and the bad. I know my life is just beginning and there will be a lot more turning points in my life, but I have learned throughout all of it, that the Lord will never leave or forsaken me even in the worst of storms.

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