Essay about What I Do My Work Placement Based On A Charity Organization

Essay about What I Do My Work Placement Based On A Charity Organization

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Work Description
I do my work placement based on a charity organisation that provides services for people who suffer mental health problems in Oxfordshire. They provide several of support services including recovery groups that help people to be more confident and learn new skills, employment coaching that help them to find a job or to return to work and so many other supporting services regarding mental health. They also have a high success rate of people who has used their services. Due to confidentiality and Data Protection Act I won’t be revealing the institution name or the people who work for the organisation. My role in the organisation is to be a coach/mentor; I provide support for people by listening to their problems and making suggestions for what can be done to improve the condition. I also assist them with training with essential skills they might need to go back to work. My role also included to signposting to other services for patients who are in the acute ward.

Social Determinants
Depression in people can be affected or be triggered by the environment they grew, live, born and work. The age of the person and the circumstances of other factors such as money, power and resources availability from their local, national, global levels can also have effects on depression.
Studies have shown that low socioeconomic positions have a link to causing depression. Lorant et al. (2003) research showed that depression was an end product of often not having a good household income, no car, no savings, material disadvantages, living in rented house, etc. Which resulted in people to be depressed as they can’t cope with the demands of the financial aspect of life. Poverty became a major issue to lead many people to depression ...

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... 20-30 was included in the statistics but no numbers of that specific population were found to support my research title. I have also ensured that I have maintained confidentiality by not mentioning the name of my institution or any other information regarding the matter due to the Data Protection Act.
Overall, depression in the young population aged 20-30 is a raising challenge that is faced. It can affect a person any point of their life and without the right support and choice interventions it can lead many to suicide. If the young population remains depressed, they can negative impact not only on themselves but also the young ones around them. There is a wide range of interventions available when it comes to depression and the above three I have mentioned in this report title proposal is one of the many support that is available for people who suffer depression.

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