What I Do My Makeup Is The Best For Clean Your Face Before Applying Your Foundation

What I Do My Makeup Is The Best For Clean Your Face Before Applying Your Foundation

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Everyone girls wants to feel and look Beautiful. There is one way to make that happen and that is makeup. For many years makeup has been making women feel and love amazing. Then there is a questions that many girls have. That question is how I do my makeup if I have never been shown how. Always remember your face is a canvas and your makeup is the paint. There is many steps into making your face flawless. Your eyes, eyelashes, eyebrows, cheekbones are the basic area were your makeup will be placed.
The first step into making your journey into wearing makeup is to decide a brand of makeup. Remembering not every girls face and structures are the same. You need to get a brand for your skin type and your skin tone. I use a brand from the makeup company Sephora. After you have done this step you need to find a face cleaning product. Micro water is the best to clean your face before applying your foundation. This Micro water can also be found from Sephora. Your foundation will need to go on with your pores and face clear. After you have got your face clean you will need to apply a face primer Sephora Brand as well. The face primer brings out your makeup and creates a better hold for your foundation. You will need to wait about five minutes after applying your face primer to give it time to dry. Then go back and do your foundation. When your five minutes is up then it is time to start applying your foundation. You need to use a soft makeup sponge. Do not use a brush it will cause lines in your foundation. While applying your foundation start on your outer face and then work into the center of your face. This keeps your makeup looking even. When your foundation is all finished the next step is to add a light face powder. The...

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...can purchase a contouring kit but instead I use something cheaper and easier to do. You can purchase a very light face powder, any color blush, and a bronzer. When looking for a bronzer makes sure you do not get a bronzer to dark. If the bronzer is to dark your face will seem orange. To start with apply the bronzer to your check bones. Then take a medium sized brush and apply your blush over top of the bronzer. The last step is just apply the very light powder all over your face again. Then take a setting spray of any kind and mist it all over your face. You have now completed all of the steps.
The steps of becoming and feelings beautiful can be very time consuming. You now can see and view the word of makeup differently with these simple steps. Wearing makeup is not as hard as people make it out to be. Do not make wearing makeup work. Take your time and have fun.

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