What I Did You Feel During The Bafa Bafa Activity When You Visited The Other Culture?

What I Did You Feel During The Bafa Bafa Activity When You Visited The Other Culture?

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w did you feel during the Bafa Bafa activity when you visited the other culture?
The experinece that I had during that class gave me some perspectives about how different culture can exist together harmoniously. One of the most efficient way is to develop the communication methos between the one and the other culture. Through Bafa Bafa activity I had a chance to recognize that we really need an efficient way to overcome the differnces such as languages, customs, and cluture. At that time I was very feeling uncomfortable to talk with someone who used weired languages in order to trade some numbers between me and others. Of course, they felt same as I did in that activity but it was funny. One that I realized from the activity that I have to be prepared to be familiar with other cultures and should respect them even if they are so different from the culture I have experienced in my own nationality or ethnicity. Also, if the respect toward different cultures is not shown properly among people in the communication society, some serious conflicts between the two different cultures will br...

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