What I Could Be A Better Christian? Essay

What I Could Be A Better Christian? Essay

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I do not think it is the young millenniums fault from being pushed farther away from religion. I think society is making it easier for us not to be involved and I put some of the blame on our elders. Yes, it is a choice for the people to be involved but today it is easier than ever to not be involved and keep to their selves. I believe that if society does not change the increasing number of people who opt out of church will continue to increase.
I know that I could be a better Christian but sometimes I decide not to be. There are some Sunday’s I get up in the morning and realize that I am tired and decide, “Hey I am going to sleep in tonight.” There are other times I could be spending my time reading scripture but instead I go outside or watch television. So I know I am not the best Christian I can be. However, while being at this college I get looked downed on because of the choices I make or things I say. Sometimes I absolutely hate the environment of this college because of how hard core people can judge you on that. With those judgements I sometimes decided to not involve myself in different activities because I am afraid of being looked down upon. I can see how someone outside of the church may be afraid to join because they are also afraid of being judge.
Part of the reason I love your class so much is because you are not afraid of what you say. Other professors would not dare to say some of the things you say. For example, when you bring up in class about how you will have a drink with your buddy and smoke a cigar or whatever, most professors would not say that. I feel as you are accepting of more people and do not judge them on their daily activities. As Christians I believe this should not be a surprise, but more of a...

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...n the ball and where it is thrown also while using the same aspects as before in tee ball. Then the next level is when children pitch to the other kid and they have to decide whether or not to swing. The levels continue to get more complicated and more rules are added until you are at a high school level. This teaches the child as much as possible on the aspect of the game to where they know what is going on. I think this is how we should model our teaching about the Christian faith to our secular society. The first step is to teach the basics, teach them how to run to first. Then after a few years and after they have grasps the concept we move them to the next level that becomes even more difficult and we continue to do this over the years. I think this is the best way to change our secular society and reach out to more people about how great the Christian faith is.

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