Essay on What I Call The Age Of Learning

Essay on What I Call The Age Of Learning

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Years pass so quickly. Every year had it 's own set of memories and moments. What about when you merge them all together and try to name the most important or defying moments of the past half millennium? I am going to be talking six different times periods and take you back and explain what was going on during that time. W have our Age of learning, Centrals Powers, Americas Revolution, Age of Freedom, Age of world was after effects and last the Age of technology. All of these ages are important and we will see how time and each time period has change over the course of the “Ages”.

The first time period I am going to be talking about is what I call the Age of Learning, which is 1500-1599. During the 16th century was a time of change and it was also the very beginning of the modern era of science, a time of exploration. There was also many advances and theories, also there was inventions related to the fields of engineering. In 1500 the first flush toilet appeared. Dutchmen, Zacharies Janssen invented the compound microscope. Galileo was one famous Inventor he was known to invent the first thermometer, which was very useful at that time.

The next one I am going to be covering is Central Powers 1600-1699.
A lot was happening with England, Russia and Europe. In 1642-1648 was the English Civil war that conflicted between King Charles first of England. They had execution of the kings and the establishment of republican common wealth. In 1648 is when the Ming Dynasty in china ended and Manchus come to power. Also an important was is the Polish-Ottoman War, which was from 1683-1699. It is also known as the Great Turkish War. It was a conflict between the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth and the Ottoman Empire and that declared victory...

... middle of paper ... that’s unfair I think its unfair and people should be put a number to how many kids they are able to have. There for I think there government hasn’t change at all.

This concludes the past half of the millennium into the “Ages” I choose this because to me I find theses time periods very interesting and I grew up being taught in my history classes in high school, middle school and even elementary school these time periods. We can all relate to each and everyone. We got freedom and if we didn’t have freedom we wouldn’t know were would be today. To me what I like to say is that history is all connect. Also history repeats its self and we saw that during the “ages” of 1992-2013 we were going to go to war again. I still believe that society has change and history but some of the issues they had we are still having them today. So once again history is all connect and

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