What I Am Writing: Portraying the Life Through the Works Essay

What I Am Writing: Portraying the Life Through the Works Essay

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What I Am Writing:
Portraying The Life Through the Works

Every person has had a significant moment in their life in which they can state is the reason for a change in the way they’re living: a moment that has influenced the person greatly in many different aspects of life. If it wasn’t for “this” there would be no “that” type of significant life experience. Many of the occurrences we experience in our lifetime often seem minute in significance, but may become very relevant at a later date. We rarely can predict how a situation will affect and shape our lives until after it occurs and takes its place in history. Afterwards we are able to trace back to that situation and gain a clear understanding of it and its importance. All of this is more so popular with writers than anyone else, they tend to use past experiences in their life to give their works more authenticity in describing their picture. There are very few aspects that contrast their work to their actual lives.
Can a writer’s life and experiences predict and/or validate their works? The child/ parent relationship that is portrayed by Kincaid, Lorde, and Roethke in “Girl, “From the House of Yemanjá”, and “My Papa’s Waltz” is closely related to the relationship they experienced with their parents. These poems show much relevance between the writers and the relationship they shared with their parents, each one in its own special way. I feel that conscience writing is the subconscious thoughts of a person. Since writing is a way of expressing yourself and how you feel, there come times while writing you express those things in which you don’t want to actually speak and say. Writing about the situation becomes an outlet, a way for the person to vent, but with out h...

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...y are required to be close to need to hold on to each other throughout the steps of the dance. The father was most likely happy and overjoyed to be home with his son and decided to romp/ dance with the child. The liquor could have been a partner to the decision to waltz. Never at any time does Roethke infer or say that the child was scared or showed fear, this is a major factor. Also the child never tries to get out of his fathers grasp. Roethke father could have been this guy of father and caused this memory to surface in his memory. This may have been one of his fathers’ ways of showing affection. The poem is filled with energy and emotion. There is a caution, odd and ambivalent closeness to his drunken papa that Roethke feels in the poem but may never literally say. This is mainly just a reflection that he explains thought very descriptive and seesaw like wording.

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