What Has Made Me Into The Young Adult? Essays

What Has Made Me Into The Young Adult? Essays

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What has made me into the young adult I am today? There are things that I sometimes wish did not happen and the others I’m happy that did happen. My childhood contributed to who I am now as a young adult by living in Florida, being in foster care, and moving to Blairsville, Ga. All three of these things have played a huge role.
I lived in Florida all the way up until I was eleven. I was born in Miami but I lived in Homestead, Florida with my mom, her boyfriend, my brother and two sisters. I stayed with my mom’s parents when she went to work or wanted a break from us kids. Every second I got with my grandparents made me happy. They took me and my siblings to church on Sunday, took care of us when we were sick, and took us to the park. They showed me how to be kind and respectful, and to appreciate what I had. My grandparents pretty much raised all four of us. My brother, even though he was off the wall and had anger issues, taught me to stand up for myself and was there when I needed a big brother. He played basketball and hide and seek with me. My older sister made sure to ke...

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