What Harm Could One More Species Do? Essay

What Harm Could One More Species Do? Essay

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The United States has 21,715 species of native plants and animals. Some may ask what harm a new species could do. First differences in species must be learned there are native species and nonnative or exotic species and from these nonnative or exotic species come what are called invasive species. An invasive species establishes itself in an ecosystem at the expense of native species. In many cases these can wreak havoc and have many consequences. Nonnative species introduced into new environments can easily become a hindrance or outright danger to the native species that have previously been established.
Invasive species can take over or even kill native species. Japanese Stilt Grass it looks like most native grass but Japanese Stilt Grass has a silver stripe on its leaf. It was first documented in Tennessee as early as 1919 as a result of its use as a packing material for Asian porcelain. While its initial use was benign, today it pushes out native grasses and native species do not eat it. Another invasive species, Kudzu was introduced to Pennsylvania in the 19th century as an ornamental vine and as a supplementary feed for livestock. It has low forage yields even though it has a great deal of growth. Kudzu is also difficult to bail because its vines’ growth and how slow it sheds water. Now, Kudzu has become one of the most damaging invasive species in the U.S. as it covers plants and blocks them from sunlight. Yet another is the Tree-of-Heaven coming to the U.S. from China in 1784. This tree has an allelopathic property which means it basically has its own herbicide that prevents other species from growing.
Nonnative insects and animals also pose a threat to the ecosystem. These animals can affect native plant life. In 1996 ...

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