What Happerned to Forever? The Consequences of Divorce in Modern Society

What Happerned to Forever? The Consequences of Divorce in Modern Society

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Most couples get married in hopes of their marriage lasting forever. Many couples recite vows to each other during the wedding ceremony in which they vow to love each other “in sickness and in health, for richer or poorer, until death do them part.” Unfortunately, statistics show that as many as 50% of couples seek to end their marriage through the process of divorce (“Children and Divorce”). Once a divorce has occurred, there can be negative consequences for the couple, any children that are involved, and society as a whole. No one gets married with the expectation that it will end in divorce and this leaves those involved wondering what happened to forever.
Divorce is the legal termination of marriage between two people. There are many negative consequences that affect the actual couple that is going through the divorce. Depression, financial instability, social stigma, anxiety, and anger are some of the emotional and physical issues that affect the couple during the process of divorce (Rahman, Giedraitis, and Akhtar 27). A divorce is already a stressful time in a couple’s life a...

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