Essay about What Happens When You Don 't Meet Society 's Standard Of Beauty

Essay about What Happens When You Don 't Meet Society 's Standard Of Beauty

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What happens when you don’t meet society’s standard of beauty? After reading and analyzing The Ugly Duckling by Hans Anderson the answer is you are an outcast. Rejected and ridiculed by society because they are different. The ugly duckling wasn’t happy with himself or his life until the end of the story where he realized he was a beautiful swan. This isn’t the only fairy tale where the subject of beauty and ugliness shows up, in some fairy tales the protagonist is a beautiful maiden and the antagonist is an ugly crone. By applying key elements from The Ugly Duckling to: Cinderella, Little Brier-Rose and Snow White, it will demonstrate how in the world of these fairy tales stress the importance of beauty and that if the main characters of these tails weren’t beautiful they wouldn’t have their “Happily Ever After”. That being happy, beauty is key.
In The Ugly Duckling, one of the little ducklings looks different than the rest and therefore is labeled ugly. He suffers abuse, both physically and emotionally from his fellow ducks and the local farm animals. Eventually he is abandoned by his own family and lives with the wild geese until they are slaughtered. Throughout the story he finds new homes, but leaves because he is ridiculed for how he looks. In the end, fully grown, but alone and miserable decides to die by being killed by the beautiful swans but ends up discovering he has grown up into one of them and live happily with his new family. Over the course of this tale the word “ugly” is mentioned sixteen times. He is referred as ugly numerous times by other characters, even by his family and the duckling himself says he is ugly. At the end of the story after realizing he is a beautiful swan he says, “I have never dreamed of such ...

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...e invited, so that his son could select a bride for himself” (Cinderella pg. 2). The story would have ended right there if Cinderella wasn’t beautiful because that was the one requirement to go to the ball and even if somehow she was able to attend she that still wouldn’t have been enough to get her happy ending. What grabbed the prince’s attention and the dance offer was her beauty, otherwise he wouldn’t have looked at her twice because she would have been and outcast, and even somehow she was able to pass all these obstacles in the end it wouldn’t have mattered. “When she stood up the prince looked into her face, and he recognized the beautiful girl who had danced with him” (Cinderella pg. 5). In the end Cinderella would never have dreamed of attending the prince’s ball because like the ugly duckling she would be too filled with self-loathing to dream of happiness.

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