Essay about What Good Writing By Great Writers

Essay about What Good Writing By Great Writers

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What Good Writing by Great Writers Entails
Everyone who has learned to read and write can write literature by forming and putting down a story, but good writing requires more than literacy. All great writers have different views on what it takes to be a great writer except that they agree that writing is onerous. Even then, they disagree on the extent of its difficulty. Ernest Hemingway says that to be a great writer one should cut one’s vein and bleed while Elizabeth Gilbert detests this statement and says that a good writer must hold on to stubborn gladness(qtd. in Fassler, “The ‘Stubborn Gladness’”). While there is no one rule to writing well, a great writer must be a committed, and write personally but should not be a self-centered individual while writing; one who aspires to belong to the canon must embody these traits.
A good writer must be individualistic in the writing of his or her literary piece, whatever genre of literature that is being written. In an interview with Jonathan Franzen, winner of National Book Award in 2001, states that a good writer must be able to seclude themselves from society while writing ( Fassler “How to write”). Writing is a personal work that should not be done collectively or by collaboration even with the internet. Will Self, author of Umbrella, says to “regard yourself as a corporation of one,” which coincides with Jonathan Franzen’s view (“Ten Rules”). Good writers dig deep into themselves and tell their own stories. Nabokov states that a good reader must use their imagination because it was what the writer used in making the literary work (Nabokov). A writer’s imagination can only come from within. Therefore, a good writer must mingle with society carefully so the individual in the w...

... middle of paper ... important. Besides, writing requires commitment, and lack of inspiration is a good excuse for the beginning writer to procrastinate. A writer will not be inspired while waiting rather, while he is exercising writing. Great writers keep writing until the work can be considered good.
Applying the advice of great writers and developing one’s own rules will make one a good writer. Isolation from the world while writing is the key to ingenuity for a writer. If a writer lets his writing be controlled by the characters the writer is writing about, then his writing will achieve greater heights than they would have if they were limited to the will of the writer. The persistence of a writer will make the writer keep writing even if at the verge of tears until good writing is produced. Good writing which makes a great writer is difficult but it is achievable by anyone.

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