What Good Is Glory If It's Forgotten Essay

What Good Is Glory If It's Forgotten Essay

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Football is the leading cause of concussions in modern sports and is responsible for more than half of the 3.8 million kids who suffer from concussions in America alone. In a recent study, the gravitational force experienced by the brain of a football player can be up to 289 times that of gravity (Kluger). This number demonstrates just how violent the game of football is when in comparison to the average gravitational force experienced by fighter jet pilots, which is around nine times that of gravity. There is no doubt that hits like those delivered in all levels of football can cause concussions, and that concussions are quite common in the sport of American football. However, questions linger such as what kind of long term affects do concussions lead to, especially in the modern day where officials are cracking down on violent hits and unsportsmanlike conduct. Hefty penalties and fines are becoming more and more prevalent in football whether or not the players oppose them. The imposition of more strict rules regarding violent helmet hits should continue in order to prevent the likelihood of grave danger for present and future athletes. The studies have spoken and the data has words of its own that prove the brutes of the gridiron risk more than society can imagine.
American football was developed over a hundred years with the intention of being a sport for tough men. It was derived from a combination of soccer and rugby, one of the most physically demanding sports still to this day. There is no question that the enjoyment both the players and crowd receive from the game is directly related to the violence and risk involved with participating. As a player for eleven years, I can say that violence is a characteristic of football ...

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