What Gladwell 's Book Is An Interesting Science Essay

What Gladwell 's Book Is An Interesting Science Essay

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I think Gladwell’s book is an interesting science. I am not sure I know enough to say it is good science yet, but the Medicine Hat Tigers example he used is surely a convincing argument for good science. Gladwell cleverly redirected the reader’s attention to the birthdays of the Tigers rosters, something a Psychologist (Roger Barnsley) had done some time ago also pointed out by Gladwell in his book. But what Gladwell did that could be construed as good science is replace the players’ names with their birthdays to highlight when the more successful players on the team were born, January, February, March and April to be exact. This is good science if the discovery’s technique was used to draft players in all sports going forward as seems to be the indication in Gladwell’s book.

Outliers tells the stories about how those Gladwell dubs Outliers came to be so. Moreover, he describes them through the systematic observational study of (at times), other people’s work discussed more broadly at how he analyzed his qualitative sources; for example, of Dr. Wolf, spending time in Roseto, Pennsylvania investigating why so few people there have heart disease. Gladwell depended upon these Outliers’ (not just in Roseto) physical and natural world by looking at their birth years, family history, and other traits. Good science depends on careful observational study and Gladwell seem to put in significant thought and data collection from multiple reputable sources to write his book, making it a source for good science.
Considering the time, efforts, data collection, and synthesis of information Gladwell uses with theories to compile information in his book, I believe the argument can be made for good science, but if I am being honest, Gladwell’s ana...

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...r data (Gladwell 74). Gladwell ended up disagreeing with Terman’s results. Gladwell was more amenable to the idea that IQ scores mattered only to a point. Gladwell even pointed out that Terman’s field workers rejected two elementary students who went on to be Nobel laureates because their IQs were not high enough. Terman was criticized for failing to randomize his group of children from the same kinds of family backgrounds.

Gladwell had to incorporate multiple qualitative sources to help get his book written. Some of which was aided by outside sources whom he credited. These qualitative sources included case studies, Content analysis, ethnographic research, field notes, focus groups, interviewing, Unstructured/in-depth where the researcher questioned the respondent about a specific area of interest and observational studies of participants in their natural settings.

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