What Fuels Conspiracy Theories? Essay

What Fuels Conspiracy Theories? Essay

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Conspiracy Theories

Conspiracy theories, are they a bunch of made up old wives tales or are they reality as we know it? Well, first of all, let’s take a look at the definition of a “theory”. A “theory” or “theories” are analytical tools for understanding and explaining a given subject manner however, they aren’t always true, but they are generally expected to follow principles of rational thought or logic. Most conspiracy theories cause paranoia in certain people; it gives you the reality of this actually being true because they are published in books, written in large serious segments in websites etc. Real time events, such as the “UFO” crash site in the 1940’s caused a lot of commotion, events like this fuel people to write conspiracy theories. When the internet was established, a large number of conspiracy theorists broke out onto the internet, writing about practically every world event/tragedy.
This essay will shed light on the connection between the internet and conspiracy theories, paranoia induced by conspiracy theories and finally; real time events that fuel conspiracy theorists to create conspiracies.

Most conspiracy theories cause paranoia in certain people. This statement can easily be proven, take this quote from a certified psychologist for instance; “"Conspiracy theory" is usually used as a pejorative label, meaning paranoid, nutty, marginal, and certainly untrue” –Floyd Rudmin.
And there are many more of these quotes from specialists such as ‘Floyd Rudmin’, but it is redundant due to the large amounts of quotes there are. Now, an actual conspiracy theory about AIDS being a man-made disease - There are claims that AIDS is a man-made disease (i.e. created by scientists in a laboratory). Some of these theories...

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So, there you have it; conspiracy theories, as stated, they aren’t always true, believe them at your own extent. Paranoia will eventually hit you once you’ve read enough conspiracy theories; this was proven by the quotes from certified and trustworthy psychologists like ‘Floyd Rudmin’. Real time events fuel conspiracy theorists to create conspiracy theories; this effect can also be amplified if there is a lack of evidence in the real time event/tragedy. Since the internet was such a new and weird, let’s call it an ‘add-on’ to life, when it was newly established; people recognized it as a source of hard and spot-on information. With these factors put in place, people believed everything that was on the internet, including conspiracy theories, thus creating a large number of conspiracy theories from decade to decade, century to century and generation to generation.

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