What Foundation 's Long Term Vision And Goals Are Successful And Efficiently Implemented

What Foundation 's Long Term Vision And Goals Are Successful And Efficiently Implemented

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Employees are without a doubt the fundamental backbone that holds any workplace, business, or corporation together. Employees engaged in the crucial tasks that establish the company’s long-term vision and goals are successful and efficiently implemented. While no business will run successfully without proper management, it is important that those employed enjoy coming to work and maintain a positive attitude while in the work place, while being productive and completing tasks with efficiency. Keep in mind, it is vigorous to guarantee that employees are satisfied with the position that they hold, and most importantly, have the ambition for more. Motivation is what gives people a reason to perform or behave in a certain way with the desire or readiness to gain something. It is absolutely necessary to keep employees motivated in the workplace and encouraging them to perform above expectations. In addressing what foundations of employment result in both motivation and efficiency, it is essential to look at concepts and frameworks that are both widespread across different cultural contexts and applicable to an industry. Implementing strategies that utilize organizational fairness, workforce unity and employee development are highly important ways to motivate workers in diverse settings.

Dressler (1999) – Communication and Company Culture
The author of How to Earn Your Employees’ by Gary Dressler’s stresses the main themes of communication values, community, organizational justice and employee development. Dressler’s main evidence reflects that “while whole commitment and motivation are not required, they contribute to an effective workforce” through higher attendance and longer job tenure (Dressler, 1999, p. 58). Motivating employee...

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...e to many choices surrounding them, what managers can do is provide a supportive environment that encourages them, that supports them, that allows them access and allows them to capitalize what they have to offer.
The big question as a manager is “how do you find out what is important to your employees?” the answer is ask! Once a new employee settles into their new position, taking them out to lunch or for a cup of coffee is a great time to ask questions such as, “there are lot of places in the market, why here,” “where would you like to be five years from now,” “what’s your family situation” (Nelson, 2012). When people feel you have their best interest in heart they will give you have tenfold their interest. The best motivators are manager-initiated. Being able to take every chance to communicate as an opportunity to encourage and create a stronger connection.

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