Essay about What Factors That Affect The World Is Our Ethnicity?

Essay about What Factors That Affect The World Is Our Ethnicity?

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Social location is a component that sociologists look at to determine how people function in their respective communities. Social location, however, irrevocably affects us all. The jobs that we hold, how much money we make, our level of education, our gender, our ethnicity and our age all affect how we view the world and our community.
One of the most important factors that affects how we view the world is our ethnicity. Growing up as a black person in the south, I have formulated a certain view about the southern states and America as a whole. Even if I have identical social locations with a white person—job, education, income, gender and age—our ethnicities will give us very different worldviews. Because I am black, I am more sensitive to social injustices because I have experienced them. I am also more sensitive to “patriot extremists”—people who hold an “America can do no harm” stance—because I personally know of the harm America can do. My race defines how I view America, how I view colonialism and how I view social injustices.
Being only seventeen years old, my age affects how I view others. I am drawing closer to the awkward stage between adolescence and adulthood and that affects how I view people. I do not feel that I associate well with younger teens because of the difference in maturity level but I also do not associate well with adults in their mid-twenties. Since we are in different stages of life, our opinions and what we hold important tend to vary.
Since I have not completed high school, my lack of education can intimidate me from entering debates or academic discussions with people who are more educated than me. Debates on science, sociology and worldviews is intimidating with someone who holds a do...

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...has shaped my perception about how we treat our children and what stereotypes we influence upon them. Common stereotypes like “all girls are weak” and “boys must never cry” are too often placed upon young children. Because I grew up with these stereotypes—whether influenced by family, friends or media—they have sensitized me to the unequal world that we force upon our children at such an early age. Though my gender has delimited me in certain areas of sports, careers, and opinions, these limitations have taught me to aim higher and break every barrier possible.
Social location defines us more often than we think. While it can affect us either positively or negatively, the age of technology has ensured that we are exposed to different opinions so that we can form our own type of “social stance”, regardless of where we live or what type of background we come from.

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