What Factors Influenced The Foundation Of The United States Of America Essay

What Factors Influenced The Foundation Of The United States Of America Essay

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Since the political development of America numerous political philosophers have tried to grasp what factors influenced the foundation of the United States. Political academics such as Louis Hartz, Gordon Wood and Rogers Smith all attempt to give their outlook on how contemporary America came to be. All three philosophers, Hartz, Wood and Smith, have varying strengths and weaknesses to their opinion of the forces that influenced the American founding fathers. However, it is Louis Hartz and Rogers Smith that most acutely describes the formation of the United States of America.
Born in 1919, Louis Hartz was an American political theorist who studied the founding of The United States. Hartz most notable claim regarding America’s foundation is his assertion that the U.S. has a “liberal consensus.” Hartz believes that America was founded upon a liberal tradition that stresses the importance of the individual. His idea of the liberal consensus revolves around the fact that there is a universal belief that liberal ideals are supreme and the consensus is that they are the one and most efficient way to govern. Of these ideals are rights such as private property, equality under the law, liberty, and freedom of religion and the importance of a democratic government body. Hartz believes that this uniformity of belief steams from the inherent absence of feudalism through the history of America. He states that “when there is a feudalist society, we see the emergence of socialism.” Socialism is in theory the polar opposite of the liberalism Hartz believes is inherent in a majority of American constituents. However, it is pretty clear that Hartz does believe that this uniformity of belief is incredibly problematic. He states “There is always a...

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...lture we can not only speak about liberalism and republicanism but also the discriminatory process of Ascriptive Inegalitarian beliefs. Rogers is completely right asserting the fact that America is inherently hypocritical in its very foundation. These Inegalitarian beliefs are at the core of what the American foundation truly was and at the core still is today.
Hartz, Wood, and Rogers all take on the very foundation of America in unique perspectives. Nevertheless it is Hartz and Rogers who most accurately describe the idealism of which America was created upon. America was intended to be built with liberal principals that give everyone and anyone a fair and equal chance of success. However, when you peel back the curtain a huge discriminatory state against those whom are not white male land owners was the true original intention of the nation that was created.

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