What Factors Are Successful Or Not Successful? Essay

What Factors Are Successful Or Not Successful? Essay

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Organizations everywhere use different methods to push members of their organization to complete various tasks on a daily basis. Whether these approaches are successful or not successful, displays how effective the organization’s motivating factors really are. Motivation is an essential element that must be incorporated into every organization to ensure that goals are accomplished and so that members of the organization always stick to their mission. James Porter and Lyman Porter define motivation as “the degree and type of effort that an individual exhibits in a behavioral situation…and has to do with the direction and quality of that effort” (Perry, 2005). People often wonder what factors cause an individual to perform their job in a certain way and James Porter and Lyman Porter’s definition of Motivation is a great example of how crucial it is to incorporate motivation into every organization to ensure that the members continue to preserver and in turn generate an abundant and successful organization.
For public organizations, managers and subordinates use a variety of methods to motivate their employees so that they can accomplish tasks at their maximum potential. For example, managers cannot necessarily motivate employees directly but they can create an atmosphere that allows employee motivation to take place. Although there may be many different factors that push an individual to do something, the needs-based theory shows us that employees and managers have different needs and that those needs must be met in order to affect the individual’s motivation (Locker & Kaczmarek, 2014). With this in mind, organizations must determine the environment or factors that may affect employee’s motivation and become familiar with theories ...

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...ve a central motivates to acquire achievement, power, and affiliation with others.
Motivation within the organization and among fellow employees is essential for the organization’s success. By positively motivating employees, organizational goals and visions can be met more efficiently and the organizations work environment would then becomes more encouraging. Some of the ways that employees can be motivated include: salary, position power, recognition, stable work environment, etc. An employee’s views about their organization and its structure can have a lasting impact on how they work and the motivating factors that affect their everyday working lives. Employees and their coworkers who believe that they have more control over their work lives will more than likely be more motivated to strive for excellence within the organizational structure (Brachmann, 2011).

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