What Ethical Issues Were Raised By The Article? Essay

What Ethical Issues Were Raised By The Article? Essay

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• What ethical issues were raised by the article?

o Credibility: The main ethical issue raised by this article was the credibility of the sources. Where if their releasing the right information or re-distributing false information. For example, when Gifford’s was shot multiple sources where claiming she was dead but that wasn’t the fact. They were going based on a misleading source, and yet some of the sources never claimed to apologize. Now, the brand has been put in the black list of “non-credible” sources.

o Privacy of subject: When it comes to public figures this is a controversial topic. This ethical issue tends to filtrate within this situation automatically, due to the fact, that the situation is critical. In other words, sources claimed she has passed away from an unreliable source who was never identified. Now, the public is given this perception of the story that’s unreal and starts to build a massive “snowball affect” on Social Media from the different information being distributed. To be more specific, all false information distributed can be used against the victim when it comes to this issues because they can give location, health condition, and other information that shouldn’t be released to the public, but instead to the family members before anyone else.

• Your reaction to the ethical issues raised by the information in the article:
o Credibility: I understand the demand to distribute and receive information in short amount of time because of the quick time expansion and the need to receive the maximum ratings. Although, I don’t think that gives the reason for any brand to risk themselves without having credible resources. With that being said, I think that all news or any reporting outlet should always wait ...

... middle of paper ...

...e in the outcome of what was reported
Using a balance in research and reporting tactics could’ve made this whole entire Gifford’s situation less dramatic and painful for it’s love ones and fans. If the balance and check system would’ve been set in place from the beginning they could’ve controlled the amount of false information being released on the internet. I understand theirs no way to control what people post but instead of commenting on how they hate how no one is safe anymore, or how much they hated her or the shooter they could’ve been sending prayers and support messages to her from the beginning creating a positive support chain. This is the same reason why the media over exaggerates information to create a buzz on the internet and increase ratings, but it shouldn’t create unnecessary buzz like it did of negativity, instead the buzz should’ve been positive.

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