What Effects the Death Penalty Causes to Society? Essay

What Effects the Death Penalty Causes to Society? Essay

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What effects Death Punishment causes to society? My first instinct about the topic as a part of the society was “People, who private another person of his life, should not have any right to conserve his own life either”. Putting ourselves in the positions of the victims, the families’ victims and the fear caused to` society in general.
Death punishment, gives closure to the people involved with the tragedy. It helps to the overpopulation problem in the prison system, instead keeping an intern 25 years or more. Finally, people who received the death punishment usually are not able to be rehabilitated. If these people have the opportunity they will kill, rape, and torture again. There are many factors that make murders incapable to control their urges such as: bad childhood, genetic genes (ADN), mentally ill, and brain abnormalities all these factor activate deviant behavior.
The effects Death Punishment causes to society is not one side answer as humans feelings are important, people have the right to have them, to express them; however, when the life of an individual is the topi...

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