Essay on What Effect Have Games and Gaming Had On Society

Essay on What Effect Have Games and Gaming Had On Society

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In the 1980’s video games became vastly popular and its market boomed. Since this time the market has continued to grow, making it one of the most popular forms of entertainment in the modern day. There has been much speculation on the effects that both games and gaming have had on society as a whole.
Games were first invented in the late 1940’s being found on mainframe computers. The first commercially viable game was computer space in 1971 a coin operated arcade version of an earlier game called Spacewar! And was the first mass produced video game with 1500 copies.
As games progressed so did their influence, effecting further generations. The effect that games have had on this generation is hotly debated. However it has not just been gaming that has an effect on society. Games themselves have had such a large impact that films have been made of them, clothes styled around them and famous bands and artists supporting them.
The hottest debate concerning video games is obviously whether or not they encourage violence to those who play them. Debates are often struck up over the portrayal of criminal behavior, gory or overly realistic violence, full or partial nudity, virtual sex or any other questionable material. This often leads to video games being blamed for many modern problems, particularly with youths.
Several studies have been made which have had mixed results. Some studies have claimed to find a direct link with video games to all of the above. Other studies have found no correlation at all.
A large chunk of ammunition for those opposed to the violence are the 1999 massacre at the columbine high school, USA. In this case two individuals, eric harris and dylan klebold, killed twelve students, one teacher and injured t...

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...pons and many other tasks are peformed. This clearly exercises the brains ability to process multiple pieces of data and information.

Quick thinking and fast analysis
In the heat of combat, the whirling speed of a race or the fast paced traversing of an advwnture game quick thinking and fast analysis is used heavily. A player will analyse the combat, next upcoming corner or area they are trying to maneuvure and make quick descisions on what their next course of action will be. This is constantly done throuought the game, making players constantly adapt and change their plans.

Reading and math skills
Young players are forced to learn to read in order to understand instructions, objectives and storylines in most games. Maths skills are vastly improved through games that involve resource management.

Strategy and anticipation
Aggression relief

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