What Educational And Professional Experiences Have Prepared You For Doctoral Study?

What Educational And Professional Experiences Have Prepared You For Doctoral Study?

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What educational or professional experiences have prepared you for doctoral study?
My purpose for seeking to pursue a doctorate degree is to enhance my knowledge of theories, research methods and assessment as it relates to psychology. More specifically, I would like to fine tune my skill set of executing varying concepts and techniques derived from theoretical discourses applicable to my work as a Psychologist and in so doing, obtain credibility within the field and among colleagues. I also believe, like Abraham Maslow in his theory of Human motivation, in becoming a lifelong learner and achieving intellectual self-actualization. I felt like my esteem needs were met through completion of a Master’s degree and am now compelled to aspire towards higher study; thus doctoral pursuit. Through my journey in completing a Master’s degree in Counseling psychology, I acquired internship experience and continue to obtain a wealth of firsthand experience within the human services field from years of working with students with behavioral, emotional, and social problems.
While pursuing my Master’s degree, I completed my field experience at Family Continuity Mental Health Clinic located in Whitinsville, Massachusetts, where I was able to work with adults, children, families, and groups of low socioeconomic status who have experienced trauma of some sort at one point or another throughout their lives. Moreover, the individuals I worked with were largely disempowered, lacked insight on their psychological distress, were victims of social injustice and were mostly embarrassed to seek or receive help. As such, I was afforded the opportunity to establish rapport with the clients through their participation in weekly sessions either in the clinic o...

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... work independently, connect frequently with my advisor, and facilitates peer relationships and learning through physical and social contact. With weekend residencies, I am able to develop meaningful peer relations which will ultimately enhance my self-esteem and confidence that are integral components to my success within the program. Moreover, the one on one sustained mentoring with an advisor, allows for individualized attention which facilitates extensive and intensive critique of one’s work, enhances my writing skills, provides concrete guidance, valuable and constructive feedback necessary to prompt higher learning and development. Likewise, a low residency setting allows me to live as how I normally would and in the interim facilitates and promotes self-care. In addition, it equips me with the ability to relocate wherever I want without implicating my studies.

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