Essay about What Does You Spend Years Building It?

Essay about What Does You Spend Years Building It?

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For instance, even if you are in an intimate relationship, and you choose to have an indifferent relationship with them instead of a passionate one, you are choosing to be nobody important to them. You are not making their life better or affecting them in a positive way. You are simply there and in their life. Why not remember your importance and stand out in their life?

7. Do What Feels Important

"What you spend years building may be destroyed overnight; build it anyway."

Often we avoid doing something good because we feel like it may all crumble and our efforts will be in vain. The truth is that everything might crumble! All the hard work you put in might have nothing to show for it. But, there is something more valuable that you will gain in the process.

When you spend years doing anything, you build knowledge, skills, and awareness. Those are things that can never be taken away from you. That means that if you had to do it all over again, you could. In fact, you could do it faster and better the second time around. So, don 't view any effort you put forward as a waste of time. Everything you do has benefit, even if you have nothing to show for it in the end, you can still feel the growth that you have experienced inside.

8. Recognize The Value In Others

"I can do things you cannot, you can do things I cannot; together we can do great things."

Do you feel like you have to do it all? You don 't! You just have to do what you can and want to do really well. There are other people out there who can work with you to bring things to life that you want.

This often applies to business. If you have a great skill set for reaching out and socializing with people, but you don 't have the ability to do the accounting, brains...

... middle of paper ... His dad ignored him, his mother was more concerned with herself than him, and he was sent overseas for most of his childhood because they just didn 't want to deal with him. He lived with relatives who also didn 't want him, and he spent years feeling alone and abandoned. When he came back to his parents, they still treated him poorly, and he felt very low about himself. But, when he met my friend, she validated him as a person. He started to feel loved and, because of that, he started to go after more of the things he wanted in life. He turned out to be one of the most loving individuals I 've ever met, and he has contributed a great deal to this world, which he may not have done without his wife 's love.

In other words, make everyone feel wanted in your life. You may be giving someone the currency they need to do amazing things for themselves and other people.

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