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What Does You Know About Love? Essays

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Most of us can agree that people as individuals do things out of love. It could be something that is horribly wrong or amazingly right. A lot of people have often done things to just impress someone. Love is a strong feeling to withhold and often hard to explain. Mostly everyone wants to feel loved and if they don’t, they will jump leaps to retrieve it. What about if you found love? Of course, most times you can find love from a family member or a coworker, but what if you found your soulmate? The person you have dreamed of being with. The person you will always brag about. Finding your soulmate is a great feeling to have. Doing all the adorable things like going to the movies, romantic dinners, and lasting hours on the phone just feel so right when you are with your soulmate. If the relationship deepens, then most times marriage is the next step and maybe children. It is all just a dream come true until REALITY hits. Different personalities, needing space, cheating, nagging, abuse and just being unsatisfied may happen. Some couples can easily work it out, but there are couples who just cannot continue. It is especially difficult when children are involved. If necessary, divorce is a heartbreaking experience that can lead into a successful triumph. In this essay, I will explain the strengths and stressors when dealing with divorce for parents.
Everyone should know that things do not come easy. You have to work hard or go through some kind of struggle to get to your goal. I would define a stressor as a struggle. A stressor can be something you go through for a long period of time or a short period of time. Mostly everyone has dealt with some kind of stressor in their lifetime. It can be difficult to deal with, but it can be resol...

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..., it will be a lot more to think about other than the beautiful white gown, flowers, music, and family members. Marriage is a commitment. Couples need to remember that it is important to try to stay married and not just get married. When couples are putting most of their time in just getting married, that’s when the divorce monster creeps in. With children are involved, it is difficult. Most children want both parents to stay together, but sometimes through certain situations, that just cannot be. Children will start to understand soon, but it is important for the parents to just do what is best for them. It is all about being happy. When you are sincerely happy, you will do whatever you can to stay in that place. No matter what stressors happen in your life, including divorce, if you stay positive and try to retrieve happiness again, you will receive your strength.

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