Essay on What Does The Term Renewable Energy?

Essay on What Does The Term Renewable Energy?

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What does the term "RENEWABLE ENERGY"? Means to you, where this term must be clearly understood by the people in this world. Because the reason is that as human beings the existence of our community depends on the sources of energy. It does not matter whether it is wind or fossil fuels that all comes from the Mother Nature as a gift to this planet Earth. As we all know with the evolution of human kind, it started with fire as its energy with time it came to fossil fuels. In addition to that as I mentioned above we use these types of energy sources to fulfill our each person’s daily needs. For example to make a cup of coffee we either need gas or electricity to heat up the water, then for locomotion and also to produce food which we need sunlight as the source. But we all know that the same type of source of energy won 't last for a long period, so the scientists wanted to substitute those degrading resources of energy with another type of energy. This is where the term "Renewable Energy" comes in, such as the wind, tidal waves can be used because their cost effective and nature friendly which abundant with no expiry date. But on the other hand by leaving the previously used energy unattended may cause natural disasters such as ozone depletion, global warming, and other etc. But, in my point of view using energy is a matter of survival though saving the nature and resources for energy is a duty that all of us should take responsibility for the existence of our future generation. So I’m going to discuss that it is Time to revive Nuclear Power as the source of energy while explaining its pros and cons with the following examples.

First, I would like to clarify my point of view on the statement made by Allison MacFarlane from “Nuclea...

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...plore different types of energy sources. From that Nuclear energy is one of that type of energy has its pros and cons. Contradiction to that its Specifying about the pros and cons of Nuclear energy is a matter of fact that rises the argument about its current stance of the problem. So all I scribe on the reflection of my point of view as an unbiased coin is that considering about the consequences that can be caused by using Nuclear Energy is not the problem. It is the way that we should take precautions using different types of energy in order to avoid consequences in the near future. It is that at each state we should be careful while using any type of energy without harming the Mother Nature. It clearly takes a stance that before inventing another type of energy or arguing that the found energy it is harmful as humans with common sense we should take precautions.

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